The best method to save and store water is by buying a high-quality water storage tank.

About Us:

The view was established in 1948 and manufactured its first pressed steel tank shortly thereafter.  Offering sectional steel tanks in both modular and circular design, tanks are formed using panels, prefabricated cleats and stay bolted together on-site to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities.  Though generally square or rectangular in construction, tanks can be provided in a variety of forms to suit particular site conditions and project requirements.

This modular concept and bolted construction allow for fast assembly utilizing semi-skilled labor, which provides advantages and cost-cutting benefits associated with reduced site occupation when considered against traditional concrete or welded steel construction.  This system also lends itself to straightforward refurbishment as individual components can be inspected and replaced as required.  Similarly, alterations to dimensions and capacity can be done with minimal downtime.

The Importance of storing water:

Each of our water storage solutions is designed to conveniently and somewhat neatly store water for all sorts of uses.  Depending on the tank you buy, as well as the purpose of your water storage, you can store clean water for consumption or for use on a construction plant while the tanks can also be used for the storage of greywater.  Galvanized water tanks offer a great solution for saving and they will not contaminate the water with a strange taste, something that can happen when lower quality tanks are used.  The Galvanized tanks for sale are generally used in a place where they will be fixed to the ground.  Basically, you are not going to be transporting these tanks once they are full.  If your aim is to transport water, it is best to look at a portable water storage tank.  If you are unsure of which tanks will be best serve your needs.  View tanks can give you the advice you need.

Sectional Steel Tanks or Circular Tanks?

Technically there are no differences in the quality of the tanks, each tank is made with the same quality materials, using the same technical experience.  The biggest difference between the sectional steel tanks and the circular tanks will be based on your needs.  And of course, the price might differ as well.  Our tanks are ideal reservoirs for storing water for Private Homes, Farms, Businesses and construction sites alike.

Manufacturing Facilities:

Our modern equipment together with our skilled workforce and streamlined processes are at the heart of our success.  We believe in the growth of our employees and we pride ourselves in our products and internal quality control processes.  Our manufacturing facility is an ISO 9001 and B.E.E certified company.

We are a global supplier of water tanks. Our product reach extends well into Africa and we also sell tanks to communities, farms and businesses in South America and the Middle East.

We are a worldwide supplier of quality Tanks.

Why invest in one of our water tanks?

Our tanks are guaranteed to provide you with clean water during shortages and are not only advantageous for communities but businesses and factories can also benefit from having water tanks onsite.

Selecting portable water tanks vs. fixed galvanized water tanks

For Warehouses or factories and businesses looking for a water tank, the best option is often the fixed galvanised tank. This is a popular selection for those who are not going to need to move the tank around. Fixed tanks remain in one place, and because of their size, they are often built on site rather than transported already built. As mentioned before, the galvanised tank is completely hygienic, which makes it suitable for storing water for drinking but it can also be used for storing greywater, if that is your intention.

Sectional Steel Tanks

Our sectional steel tanks are manufactured as per the client’s requirements whilst complying with SANS10329:2004 and ISO1461:2009 Edition 3.  Standard tank panels are either 1220mm or 990mm square.  Half-size or special panels can also be supplied to meet space limitations or special requirements.  All components are included in the scope of delivery and are designed for easy transportation and on-site assembly.

Odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic sealant compounds are used for storing drinking water to ensure that the highest health and safety standards are met.

Configuration & Shape of Tanks

View Tanks are available in virtually any size and shape in plan.  Tanks with open internal shafts to allow for columns or other obstructions can also be manufactured.

Tank Stands

State-of-the-art technologies and computer modelling is used to design our elevated stands.  This ensures the safety and cost-effectiveness of our structures whilst accommodating all terrains and particular needs of the customer.

Manufacturing Facilities:

Our modern equipment together with our skilled workforce and streamlined processes are at the heart of our success.

Why should you buy our water tanks?

Our steel (metal) water tanks are designed and manufactured to be exceptionally durable and the extra strength gives them a longer life than other tanks. The other benefits of buying our tanks include: Versatile design & Sizes

Accessories & Connections

Three connections and one hinged and lockable manhole are provided as standard.  Special connections can be supplied to customers’ requirements and a full range of accessories.


Support walls or universal I beams at either 1220mm or 990mm centers (depending on the plate size used) are required in one direction only, preferably across the width of the tank.  It is not necessary to taper the tops of the support walls providing that they are not more than 230mm thick.

Are you looking for water storage tanks?  We have a wide selection of tanks for sale at low prices.  Contact us to purchase a tank.

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