The best method to save and store water is by buying a high-quality steel water tank in Gabon.

Because of the materials used, the quality of the water is never compromised. As we have been in the steel tank manufacturing industry for over 40 years, we know how to construct exceptionally reliable tanks.

Our tanks are:

  • affordable and warranty guaranteed

Our tanks are ideal for:

  • Apartments
  • Businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Factories.
  • Water Transportation

We take the time to find out exactly what our clients need and we combine this knowledge with our experience to supply the best product. Offering sectional steel water tank in Gabon in both modular and circular design, tanks are formed using panels, prefabricated cleats and stays bolted together on site to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. Every one of our reservoirs is a high-quality product, and we are able to keep our prices low without compromising the quality of our products. All of our products are protected by a warranty.

With our selection of portable water tanks can be taken to both rural and urban areas.  Our water containers can be used to keep communities hydrated and farmland watered.

Other Information:

  • Modular:  Tanks are formed using panels, prefabricated cleats and stays bolted together on site
  • Rugged:  Our tanks are highly resistant to damage during transportation and assembly
  • Easy Installation:  View tanks are quick and easy to install even in areas with restricted access using nothing more than hand tools
  • Durable:  All pressed steel tanks comply to SANS and have a long term life expectancy.

We are a global supplier of water tanks. Our product reach extends well into Africa and we also sell tanks to communities, farms and businesses in South America and the Middle East.

We are not just manufacturers of quality water tanks in Africa, we are also world-wide suppliers. We also offer steel water tank in Angola.

Why invest in one of our water tanks?


We sell galvanized water tanks; they are both easily transportable and maintenance free. Our tanks are guaranteed to provide you with clean water during shortages as well as during flooding when water might be in consumable. The water saving abilities of our tanks are not only advantageous for communities, but businesses and factories can also benefit from having water tanks onsite.Water is one expensive resource, yet every business needs it, especially those businesses based in rural areas. When you are committed to saving water, you will notice that you also start saving money.

Think about how much you can save when you have a water tank for clean water as well as a tank with water to be used for other purposes. You will have more control over your month to month expenses which in turn will help you with your budgeting.


Selecting portable water tanks vs. fixed galvanized water tanks


For Warehouses or factories and businesses looking for a water tank, the best option is often the fixed galvanised tank. This is a popular selection for those who are not going to need to move the tank around. Fixed tanks remain in one place, and because of their size, they are often built onsite rather than transported already built. As mentioned before, the galvanised tank is completely hygienic, which makes it suitable for storing water for drinking but they can also be used for storing grey water, if that is your intention.


Sectional Steel Tanks


All components are included in the scope of delivery and are designed for easy transportation and on site assembly.  This is particular important for remote areas.

Odorless, tasteless and non toxic sealant compounds are used for storing drinking water to ensure that the highest health and safety standards are met.


Configuration & Shape of Tanks


View Tanks are available in virtually any size and shape in plan.  Tanks with open internal shafts to allow for columns or other obstructions can also be manufactured.


Tank Stands


State of the art technologies and computer modelling are used to design our elevate stands.  This ensures the safety and cost effectiveness of our structures whilst accommodating all terrains and particular needs of the customer.


Why should you buy our water tanks?


Our steel (metal) water tanks are designed and manufactured to be exceptionally durable and the extra strength gives them a longer life than other tanks. The other benefits of buying our tanks include: Versatile design & Sizes


Accessories & Connections


Three connections and one hinged and lockable manhole are provided as standard.  Special connections can be supplied to customers’ requirements and a full range of accessories such as internal and external cat ladders, extra manholes, ventilators, float, level indicators, sumps and vortex inhibitors etc.


Are you looking for water storage tanks?


We have a wide selection of tanks for sale at low prices.  Contact us to purchase a tank.


Technical Information available on our site: (includes)


  • Clearance – to allow for assembly and maintenance a clearance not less than 550mm is required around, above and below tank.
  • Cover Plates – Cover plates are shaped to provide a tight overlapping fit.
  • Divisions – To enable maintenance of the tank without interruption of the water supply, tanks can be fitted with a division.
  • Cleats & Stays – All internal fittings are fabricated from steel and are carefully designed.
  • Fasteners – All washers nuts and bolts are high tensile grade.
  • Sealing Material – Special profile rubber gasket is used between tank panels.
  • Protective Treatment – All steel components are hot dipped galvanized.
  • Fittings – View pressed steel tanks are fitted with the following fittings as standard: Roof Air Vent and Internal access ladder on tanks deeper than 1220mm
  • Optional Fittings include: Raised manhole, Sump and Side Access Manhole
  • Pipe Connections

Notable clients include:

  • ISF
  • WISA
  • BP
  • ABSA
  • Chevron
  • to name but a few
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