The best method to save and store water is by buying a high-quality steel water tank in Senegal.

Manufacturing Facilities:


  • Our modern equipment together with our skilled workforce and streamlined processes are at the heart of our success.  We believe in the growth of our employees and we pride ourselves in our products and internal quality control processes.  Because of the materials used, the quality of the water is never compromised. As we have been in the steel tank manufacturing industry for over 40 years, we know how to construct exceptionally reliable tanks.


Our tanks are:


  • affordable
  • ideal for use in the Apartments, big or small businesses,
  • ideal for warehouses or factories,
  • Warranty guaranteed


We are 100% commitment to customer service. We take the time to find out exactly what our clients need and we combine this knowledge with our experience to supply the best product.


Benefits for having steel or metal water storage tank:


  • storing water at a factory
  • store water in drought-stricken areas
  • water can be taken to both rural and urban areas
  • keep communities hydrated and
  • keep farmlands watered.


Corrosion Protection


  • All steel components are hot dipped galvanized in accordance with ISO1461:2009 Edition 3. Hot dip galvanizing provides the most durable corrosion resistance available for storage of portable water at ambient temperatures.




  • Our qualified and experienced assembly and installation teams are available to complete your project.  This ensures a prompt leak free and hassle free installation.


We are a global supplier of water tanks. Offering sectional steel water tank in Senegal in both modular and circular design, tanks are formed using panels, prefabricated cleats and stays bolted together on site to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. Our product reach extends well into Africa and we also sell tanks to communities, farms and businesses in South America and the Middle East.

We are world-wide suppliers. Our tanks are exported to countries throughout Africa and the Globe. We also offer steel water tank in Cabo Verde.

Why invest in one of our water tanks?


We sell galvanized water tanks; they are both easily transportable and maintenance free. Our tanks are guaranteed to provide you with clean water during shortages as well as during flooding when water might be in consumable. The water saving abilities of our tanks are not only advantageous for communities, but businesses and factories can also benefit from having water tanks onsite.Water is one expensive resource, yet every business needs it, especially those businesses based in rural areas.

Think about how much you can save when you have a water tank for clean water as well as a tank with water to be used for other purposes. You will have more control over your month to month expenses which in turn will help you with your budgeting.


Selecting portable water tanks vs. fixed galvanized water tanks


For Warehouses or factories and businesses looking for a water tank, the best option is often the fixed galvanised tank. This is a popular selection for those who are not going to need to move the tank around. Fixed tanks remain in one place, and because of their size, they are often built onsite rather than transported already built. As mentioned before, the galvanised tank is completely hygienic, which makes it suitable for storing water for drinking but they can also be used for storing grey water, if that is your intention. Galvanised water tanks are exceptionally durable, as they are manufactured using 3mm and 4.5 mild steel, depending on the tank height. They have a larger lifespan. A few of the other benefits that you will enjoy with these tanks include the option of having custom sizes.


Why should you buy our water tanks?


·        Versatile design

You can order your tanks in a number of different sizes. This is advantageous because it allows you to design the tank to fit in all kinds of spaces. This versatility is also helpful if you are looking to reduce the amount of space that would be needed for the tank.

·         Versatile sizes

We can build water tanks in a number of different sizes which means we can build a custom size tank for you. Your water tank  is assembled onsite, so the size can be easily customized to suit your needs.


Are you looking for water storage tanks? 


We have a wide selection of tanks for sale at low prices.  Contact us to purchase a tank.

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