Sectional Steel Tanks

Our sectional steel tanks are manufactured as per the clients’ requirements whilst complying with SANS10329:2004 and ISO1461:2009 Edition 3.

Standard tank panels are either 1220mm square. Half size or special panels can also be supplied to meet space limitations or special requirements. All components are included in the scope of delivery and are designed for easy transportation and on site assembly. This is particularly important for remote areas.

Odourless, tasteless and non-toxic sealant compounds are used for storing drinking water to ensure that the highest health and safety standards are met.

Sectional Steel Tanks - Protection


Fire Tanks, Elevated Tanks, Reservoirs and Aluminium Domes are all powder coated. They are formed using galvanized panels, prefabricated cleats and stays bolted together on site.

Sectional Steel Tanks - Factory


Our qualified and experienced assembly and installation teams are available to complete your project. This ensures a prompt, leak free and hassle free installation. However, should the customer wish to undertake this task, the order will be delivered with detailed assembly drawings and a step by step guide for easy completion.

Sectional Steel Tanks - Gears


View Tanks are available in virtually any size and shape in plan. Tanks with open internal shafts to allow for columns or other obstructions can also be manufactured.

Sectional Steel Tanks - Documents


State of the art technologies and computer modelling are used to design our elevate stands. This ensures the safety and cost-effectiveness of our structures whilst accommodating all terrains and particular needs of the customer.

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