The best method to save and store water is by buying a high-quality water storage tank.

We have been in the steel tank manufacturing industry for over 40 years, we know how to construct exceptionally reliable tanks.   Our modern equipment together with our skilled workforce and streamlined processes are at the heart of our success.  We believe in the growth of our employees and we pride ourselves in our products and internal quality control processes.

Because of the materials used, the quality of the water is never compromised.  Our tanks are affordable and ideal for use in many settings and environments.  Every one of our reservoirs is a high-quality, warranty protected product.  Our selection of portable water tanks can be taken to rural or urban areas.

Our Products:

Sectional Steel Tanks:

Circular Tanks

We are a global supplier of water tanks. Our product reach extends well into Africa and we also sell tanks to communities, farms and businesses in South America and the Middle East.

Why invest in one of our water tanks?

Galvanized water tanks are not only easily transportable but also maintenance free.  Water saving is advantageous for communities, businesses, factories and the enviroment.

Selecting portable water tanks vs. fixed galvanized water tanks

For Warehouses, factories and large or small businesses looking for a water tank, the best option is often the popular fixed galvanized tanks.  Fixed tanks remain in one place, and because of their size, they are often built onsite. The galvanized tanks are completely hygienic and durable.

Why should you buy our water tanks?

  1. We allow you to design the tank to fit in all kinds of spaces.
  2. Your water tank  is assembled onsite, so the size can be easily customized.

Are you looking for water storage tanks?  We have a wide selection of tanks for sale at low prices.  Contact us to purchase a tank.

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