Circular Tanks

Our circular bolted tanks are ideally suited for the storage of water at ground level. The standard range of tanks covers capacities from 7700 litres to 1 136000 litres.
Larger capacity tanks can be designed and supplied.

Shell plates are manufactured from mild steel plates and are hot-dip galvanised after manufacture. Hot-dip galvanising provides the most durable corrosion resistance available for the storage of potable water at ambient temperatures.

The shell panel thickness depends on the depth and diameter of the tank with a minimum thickness of 2.5mm. The shell panel thickness bolt and wind stiffeners are designed in accordance with the provisions of the American National Standards Institute & American Water Works Association specification: ANSI/AWWAD103-97.

The shell panel seams are sealed by rubber gaskets. A liner is not needed to seal the side walls.

The floor of the tank is formed by a waterproof geomembrane, which rests on a bed of sand. A geo-fabric is placed in between to provide added protection. This membrane is a 1mm sheet that is factory seam welded, and fitted in one piece.

The roof of the tank is standard galvanised cold-rolled roof sheeting. The sheeting is of a closed profile interlocking design. This design provides optimum protection against dust and water.

Access ladders, and access manhole and a water level indicator are supplied as standard items.


Minimal site preparation is required. A flat level circular base is suitable compacted soil is required. Suitable provisions must be made to prevent soil wash away around the tank base and to provide anchor points against wind when the tank is empty. For large tanks a concrete ring beam is recommended to satisfy these requirements. A level area around the perimeter of the tank that is suitable for the erection of scaffolding is required.

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